The Right Place at the Right Time

Ever have one of those days where it seems nothing is going right? I had one of those a while back. I went to my regular barber shop, wrote my name on the waiting list and sat down to wait. But my name was never called. People were coming and signing in after me and getting waited on before me. So I went to another nearby barbershop, only to find the wait was too long.

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05: The Apostolic Example – Thought Starters

Green Question Marks

The Dwindling Church

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“We simply must DO something to increase our membership,” Angie said.

Sylvia shrugged. “Or get more of our inactive members to show up for church–“

“–With an offering.” Angie broke in.

Fred was peeling an orange as he entered the living room from the kitchen.  “What’s wrong with belonging to a small church?” he said. Angie jumped up and handed him a towel.

Sylvia said, […]