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The Right Place at the Right Time — 15 Comments

  1. Wow! This lesson was on time! I just had a time where it seemed like anything that could go wrong did go wrong.

    Grateful that God is absolutely still in control at such times.!

  2. Reading this has been very helpful. My wife and I have been diligently working on a project for the last two years to relocate our family, so that we can live in the same country together as a family. There has been roadblock after roadblock. We have been discouraged about this since we have been praying steadily for our plans. We have been praying for the Lord's Will but at the same time I know we have had a tendency to be self centered. Thanks for sharing about Paul & Silas and your personal testimony.

    • thank God for this article, i am going through a transition period in my job and now i am not too sure, if its God's ways. i am praying for His will over mine.


  3. Thank you for sharing your story and allowing us to see how much we need to let go and just let God lead us. It is a tough lesson for me to learn and I am continuing to strive to let Him lead in my life. In the end, God's way is the best for us. Just allow the Holy Spirit to lead.

  4. Whenever the question arises in my mind about my present place, I think of Joseph's story.

    If we place ourselves in God's care each day by faith, then how can we expect to be out of place without casting doubt on God's promises? So many wonderful lessons God wishes us to learn.

    Many will be encouraged by your story William.

  5. Very encouraging. Indeed " everything works for good" even what we often see as "roadblocks" in our journeys are actually God's stairs taking us to greater heights.


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