10: Weep and Howl – Thought Starters
Joyce Griffith

[Thought questions for Weep and Howl December 2, 2014] 1. Weep and howl! Can you imagine the impression those words made on James’ readers and listeners? What if you went to church one week, and the pastor walked to the pulpit wearing his usual invisible robe of humility but  places his hand in the open Bible … [Click to read more …]

02: The Perfecting of our Faith – Thought Starters
Joyce Griffith

Introduction…After surgery and 74 days in rehab for a broken hip joint, I’m back and headed for full recovery! Don’t read this if you’ve never done anything stupid, but I put on an ankle weight and forgot it was on until I decided to leap from my bedroom to the kitchen. For a split second I was … [Click to read more …]

Rich People Have Needs Too

A family I know bought a huge home years ago, and their daughter invited her friends over for their first get-together at the new home. Unfortunately jealousy set it in with one of the daughter’s friends who made a comment about the home and her thinking she is “so rich.” The daughter was hurt because … [Click to read more …]

08: With the Rich and Famous – Thought Starters
Joyce Griffith

[Thought questions for With the Rich and Famous February 19, 2014] 1. Richly Blessed. How well do you know the wealthiest people in your church?  Your community? Have you ever pled with God to make you rich? And promised to be faithful in your giving to God’s cause if you were? Have you attended workshops, read … [Click to read more …]