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The Teachings of Jesus – An Introduction to 2014c lessons — 13 Comments

  1. I have this conviction, the past quarters knowledge if carried and combined with 3rd quarter's facts we will get home soon.thanks the serving general conference members.christ and christ's method alone

  2. Jesus and Jesus alone. He is the One and only teacher who will last through to the end. Not Buddha, or Mohammed, or Krishna.
    Jesus the eternal One is now again drawing us to His feet, to renew our commitment to hear again, how He decides to give His life to save us.

  3. Jesus being the greatest teacher the world has ever experienced, none of his audience ever dosed during his lecturers, or shouted that the allocated time/period e.g. 50 minutes are over so that they either get break or go to attend other teachers. His class constituted the ilitrrate, literate and experts

    • Because He the Eternal Son was identifying Himself with us other humans, who share the same Father. He is truly our Big Brother!

    • When He came down to earth, it was to identify with the human race and help us to understand that by accepting Him, we could become sons and daughters of God and His spiritual brothers and sisters, which included being an heir to the Kingdom of Heaven through His promises to us. To help us understand this relationship, He referred to His Father as "our" Father. What Love He gives us, by including us in His family!

    • yes He did call Him 'our father', because that is what He is. I am a Child of God and Christ-apart from being my savior-gave me the right to become a child of God! And that is what we are. So Christ is the first fruit and the rest of us who believe join together with Him to be sons and daughters of the most high

  4. I absolutely LOVE the last paragraph! I just keep reading it over and over! How AWESOME it would have been to be a listener at His feet! I am so excited about this SS quarter! I fully agree with Wellington that combining the knowledge of the law from last quarter with the insight into Jesus's teachings and applying it to our lives will have a huge impact on the church and our ministry! Praise Jesus!

  5. this C lessons studies will have a very good and big impact in my life. Thank You LORD for making these lesson available.

  6. It with great hope that this lesson will touch our lives,that is is we take what the writer is saying "Let us be those disples sitting by the river listening to juses's teachings.
    wow! this is a blessing

  7. I thank the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, that I though born of a sinful nature, by faith I can understand the purity of His love that pervades across the world as His children study the Bible, some lead, hearts growing in grace and he hnesty in His word, his word of Truth keeps binds me to Him and no other. I long to see Jesus face to face and all that have responded to His unconditional love, all that have been forgiven of Him and took it seroiusly, oh yes but before then I long to live His life,AMEN!


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