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  1. The social context that we provide for the sharing of our common spiritual interests is far more important than we often give credit for. It is within this framework that we make good friends and where we can discuss issues that have the potential to divide us without fear of recrimination.

    For many years we have belongs to a loose social group that met together for a pot-luck lunch once amonth at a local park overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Most of the group were colleagues and I always appreciated the fine post-prandial discussions as we sat in the shade and looked out over the restless waves. Differences were diminished; radical ideas discussed and mulled over; concerns over one other's health expressed; arrangements for supporting widows and widowers made. This was the "stuff" that made a church of real people functional.

    I mention this social setting because this is where we heard the real prayers of one another. Not the formal prayers of a church service but the unspoken prayers of needs and doubts, and spiritual interchange. It was the occasion where the act of listening was as much part of praying as speaking.

    And they continued steadfastly in the apostles’ doctrine and fellowship, in the breaking of bread, and in prayers. Acts 2:42

    • I agree with.you Maurice! We still this going on today. in fact we have the pot-luck lunches each Saturday, and a rich discussion or interaction always finds its way. The beauty of such communions is that we are common to one another, which develops a "no hold bar" healthy for topics to be explored. This is still one of strengths of our church today. If well adopted, we've seen such assemblies growing into bigger things.

  2. Prayer of itself may easily become a form that is actually offensive to God, just as intemperance will pollute our table. The Word of God defines the true prayer(s) that will come from unfeigned lips and hearts that do not sin against Him. Knowing, understanding and obeying the will of God will sanctify the prayers of God's faithful servants with the incense of Christ's righteousness. Notice how the parable of the two worshipers reveals the difference between the pretentious and genuine prayer. One can only pray in faith if living by faith in Christ, and believing on His name for salvation.

    The privilege and benefits of prayer is for all who receive Jesus and all that He has commanded us, Who has promised us that our Father in heaven will hear. This blessed privilege will sweeten the breaking of bread, study, and all true fellowship among those who worship the Lord together.


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