Thursday: What Jesus Left

Future generations testify regarding the success of previous efforts. Whenever those efforts generate lasting results, the principles underlying those accomplishments should be studied and replicated. Did Christ’s disciple-making methodology produce significant outcomes?

Image © Darrel Tank from

Image © Darrel Tank from

Of course it did. It changed the world. None of us, in fact, would be reading this Bible study guide more than 2000 years later, were it not for Christ’s success in His training of the early church leaders.

Read Acts 1. What does this first chapter in the formation of the early church show us about the need for God-ordained leaders? What were they looking for in a leader? (See vs. 22.) What can we take away from this need for ourselves as we seek the right leaders?

Jesus established His kingdom and exemplified the principles that would perpetuate its growth. Pioneering the pathway through darkness to sunrise, Christ selected leaders whose weaknesses were overshadowed by His strength because they completely depended upon Him. Although lightly esteemed by the religious leaders and academically deficient, they outshined the Pharisees where it counted: transparency, humility, dependence, and authenticity. How crucial that all of us, whatever our position in the church, display such characteristics. Over time, those who possessed substantial formal education and elevated social standing became part of the church.

As Christ’s representatives the apostles were to make a decided impression on the world. The fact that they were humble men would not diminish their influence, but increase it; for the minds of their hearers would be carried from them to the Saviour, who, though unseen, was still working with them. The wonderful teaching of the apostles, their words of courage and trust, would assure all that it was not in their own power that they worked, but in the power of Christ.-Ellen G. White, The Acts of the Apostles, pp. 22, 23.

What do you look for in church leaders? Why? What are the top three things that you want to see in them? Bring your answer to class on Sabbath and compare answers.



Thursday: What Jesus Left — 5 Comments

  1. Having worked in a hospital for over ten years, I saw first hand that power, wealth and knowledge all meet with poverty, ignorance and weakness, in sickness and death - common denominators. It is true that the wealthy and powerful may lie on a more cushy bed, however it is the same worm that eats us all in the end. Similarly, regardless of status it is the same God who will review our lives at the end of the journey. This sobers me and keeps me on my knees. It is not what I have or who I know but who has me and remembers my name.

    • Amen! Michel Kendall,the only thing that matters in this life and sets us apart from the rest of the world is what Jesus has done for, in, and through me,(us), praise be to God and Father of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ.

  2. a decree is spoken,its not relying on self,instead on the spirit of the Father that leads the body(church)in unison 1cor.12:12;"for as the body is one,and hath many members,and all the members of that one body,being many,are one body:so also is christ."its the testifying of the Holy Spirit through whom He's ordainded and called to be a servant in his "body."all have spiritual gifts from our custodians,to the pastor.this is Christ gift to the world,his bride,the church,whom he is preparing for his 2nd advent.transparency,and genuine compassions,these are the qualities of his ordained.spirit and truth,the reflection of Father.corporately as well in the seculiar activities we must be in harmony with the Most High,for us to be effective witnesses for heavens glory.Christian love!!

  3. we have to beleave that christ has prepared a place for us to dwell with him forever,we will never complain of anything.


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