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Pray a New Prayer — 11 Comments

  1. Reading your story made me literally "laugh out loud". When we were kids and had to open the Sabbath, we didn't mind so much. However, when it came time to close the Sabbath, all we could think about were the plans for the evening. Then DearDear, my grandmother, would begin praying...

  2. My unforgettable moment, following the prayer of one of our elders in the Worthington. Ohio church, occurred over 40 years ago. The prayer was rather long and immediately after the "amen" a young lady, "Esther" who was about 3 years old blurted out in the silence..."Lordy, Lordy, Lordy". Needless-to-say, laughter broke out all over the church. This is a reminder that shorter prayers can be more meaningful for our younger children who have short attention spans. (That young lady was in my family and is a physician serving the Lord that she called on that day in church.)

  3. This story reminded me of myself and how "shy" I am to pray publicly even within the confines of my family or even my spouse. I often have difficulty paying attentionpengaging in sabbath school discussions fearing I may be asked to give the closing prayer and I spend that time rehearsing a prayer so I'll sound like I have some education.
    I realize that I'm only considering myself and how I will appear and be thought of by other people, my prayer is not sincere and the Lord probably doesn't hear me. I pray the Lord will be the strength in my weakness and give me a true repentful spirit and remove self from my character so that I may develop a close loving relationship with Him.

  4. [Moderator note: please use first and last names when commenting on this site. Thanks!]
    Amen! Thank you!
    It is wonderful to read all your comments. Thanks to you for sharing them because they are very practical.
    I would like to make a comment about "May your kingdom come soon" connecting it with our sabbath school lesson. If we wish that the kingdom of God comes soon but we do not share it, we contradict ourselves.
    Have blessed day!

  5. God work in miraculous way through prayers,when we believe and surrender our will to the Devine authority,we will be victorious in Jesus name no matter the situation.

  6. May I just point out that sharing is not necessarily evangelizing. Showing love to others is sharing God's love. For "whatever you have done to the least of my brethren" God said,"you have done it unto me". No matter what we do or the outcome of what we do God will not delay His plan to send back His Son to claim what belongs to Him. That is being perfect in all things. No man can cause delay in the plans of God. All prophesies must be fulfilled before His appearing. Are we prepared, or preparing?


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