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  1. As I looked at this lesson several things came to mind besides the very obvious. I think the first one is that sometimes God's people get in His way without realizing it. The disciples didn't understand their Lord's mission and often attempted to prevent Him from doing what He was sent to do (ref. Mat 16:21-23; Jn 6:14-15; Mk 3:20-21).

    The next thing is a lesson that Jesus taught through this incident, "Assuredly, I say to you, whoever does not receive the kingdom of God as a little child will by no means enter it" (Mk. 10:15 NKJV). There seems to be some qualities of children that we are to emulate.

    The third is that believers regardless of age are also considered children by God. Jesus used the term with respect to His disciples (Jn 13:33; 21:5). John also often uses the term in his epistles especially 1 John but also in his other two as did Peter in his (1 Pet 1:14; 2 Pet 2:14). So what Jesus said could be seen metaphorically, at least to a degree, so that what He said could be concerning anyone seeking the Lord. In other words we are to stop no one from coming to Jesus in spite of our often deranged unholy judgment of some people.

  2. Please can someone give me the background to biblical Hebrews children upbringing that can help me with my study? I believe some very important lessons can be drawn from the very reasons of Jesus concerns about the children. Additionally, I wish know these qualities that are mentioned by Mr. Cluthe above. May God help us study our past ways of child rearing and understand clearly the essence of our leadship at home so we can lead our children to the Word of God. Lord make us wise please.

    • Dear Robert,
      I was amazed by reading the beginning of the week lesson about how Mary and Joseph raised Jesus in the Hebrew upbringing. Respect to children, to honor them, never putting them down but using the tact that Jesus is teaching us to have.Regarding the children as the heirs of the Kingdom of God can show us why we must respect and guide children to know Jesus. I enjoy your post!

  3. It is fascinating how Christ knew the heart of all the Pharisees and the people who questioned him, often with malice in mind to get him to fault the law or be ridiculed ,yet He answered all of them as meticulously as possible in utter gentleness and precision. This is a virtue we should all pray for to cultivate cos we sometimes shove of annoying questions and suggestion based on our perception on the reasons for which they might me asking those questions

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    Indeed it pathetic the way we had our past childhood experiences had been. I appreaciate That Jesus teaches us to be compassionate, loving,tender hearted and many more towards children.As families we need to pray that God refines our characters to match his will.

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    Mark 10:13-16
    Illustrates what faith is all about, everyone is important to God, even those whom others regard as insignificant.

  6. I don't know why minister's children are so hard headed
    but were taught and sent to Christian school all through their young life. When my children grew up and have their own families, they started to be skeptic of the church and it is so hard to accept advice to come back to the fold. I'm concerned about my little grandkids, and keep praying that one day they will uttered to the Lord's call tthrough the Holy Spirit

  7. What I extracted from the lesson is thatJesuus wants us to be like little children
    in the areas of being (1) loving (2) trusting and (3) humble.when children are rightly punished, they do not exhibit contempt against their parents but continues to be trusting of them.

  8. Dear Tufanua Iata, children learn from home. see what happen to Jesus, Moses, Joseph the list goes on and on. if there is any failure in life, it is parent responsibility. we put blame in wrong places, hopping christian school, church and other institution are responsible. NO it is a home thing. Gob bless us on this.


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