Thursday: To Not Be a Burden (1 Thess. 2:9-12)

While Paul was in Thessalonica, what other things did he do in addition to preaching the gospel, and why? See 1 Thess. 2:910.

The idea that Paul was working “night and day” would be a huge exaggeration if taken literally. The Greek, however, expresses a qualitative idea rather than the actual amount of time spent. In other words, Paul was saying that he worked beyond the call of duty in order not to burden them; Paul did not want anything to stand in the way of his witness to them.

In addition, he was very careful to behave in such a way as not to cause offense, either before God or before others (see1 Thess. 2:10Luke 2:52). Paul and the apostles sought to be “blameless” in their relationships so that the gospel would become the central focus of attention.

What analogy did Paul use in 1 Thessalonians 2:1112 to describe his treatment of the Thessalonians? See also Luke 11:11-13What does that analogy teach?

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The good Father provides boundaries and encouragement, as well as love. He adapts his nurture and discipline to the unique character and emotional condition of each child. Depending on the child and the situation, the father may offer encouragement, a stern lecture, or disciplinary punishment.

There is a certain tension in Paul’s missionary approach. On the one hand, he always sought to adapt his approach to the unique character and situation of the people; on the other, he was very concerned about authenticity, that the outward and inward be one and the same. How can one be authentic and genuine and yet be “all things to all people”?

The key is the love Paul had for his converts. He did all he could to model authenticity for them; yet, he realized that there were things they were not ready to handle (see also John 16:12). So, he worked with his hands and adapted his instruction, all in order to avoid putting unnecessary barriers in the way of people’s acceptance of the gospel. A powerful lesson in self-sacrifice, for sure.



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  1. I truly believe that a father's love is beyond imaginations...I cannot go to church anymore because of work but I know that through hard times am not a burden to my Abba Father. He will make a way for me to reach church..

  2. As time goes by it gets more difficult for Seventh Day Adventist Christians to balance our bills and still maintain a good relationship with GOD but never the less HE looks out for us still knowing our hearts and being the good Father HE is, lays out a plan for us to be closer to him in every way, so just continue to pray believe and have faith and let GOD work in our lives. Remember that the good or the bad we do to others we do it to Christ Jesus, so no matter what race or creed let us be our brothers keeper no matter the circumstances. Let us do good and good will follow us even to our grave, because if we die being Christ like then our life was worth living.

    • I get excited each time I'm reminded of the goodness of God. Let us keep testifying; Keep declaring thus said the Lord for we never know what effect it will have on the hearers. My soul has been tremendously blessed by comments posted on this website. A heartfelt thanks to all!

      ("My word shall not return unto void but it shall.........")

  3. We have to be careful as Christians especially as leaders that we can walk the walk and talk the talk. We shouldn't be saying one and doing the other else we be a stumblingblock to others. As Paul we have to be transparent Christians.

  4. I greatly appreciate the idea of this ministy that send the SS study to my email address. I do not appreciate those responsible who break the lesson down proving direction not otherwise intended giving the material the watering down appearance or so it seems. I hope to see Mrs. White's statements also. Perhaps it is all my fault not being intellectual as the editor.

    • Jonathan, this website is designed to meet the needs of a wide variety of people. I am glad that you have found something of value here, I hope it is a blessing to you.

      Please realize though that one of the things the blog does is to provide a platform for people to discuss the lesson in much the same way they would in a Sabbath School class. If you attend church and sit in a class does the discussion always agree with the lesson? Does it always rigidly adhere to the lesson topic?

      I am probably one of those that you do not appreciate since I often have something to say that is usually contrary to what the lesson says or what others say. I guess I am just another, "troubler of Israel" (1 Kings 18:17) only I am not a prophet like Elijah was - just another wretched sinner in need of Christ. To me this blog is like sitting in a group therapy session where everyone has a problem and the group becomes a healing agent through discussion under the supervision and guidance of the great Physician.

  5. We will only walk the walk and talk the talk if we enjoy what the Lord has done for us. How would we keep quiet about what He has done for us? It is impossbile.

  6. Angella, I understand the situation that you are facing with work. Not that I am going through the same thing but I have worked with persons who are. Should you leave your job which supports you for the one that provided you with this job; might be your dilemma. There are many factors to consider but what is sure is that Jesus knows what you are going through, and Jesus knows what you aught to do. What is most important in your situation right now is that you continue to commune with Christ and strengthen your relationship with Him, then as He said in His word "He will lead you into all truth." The Christian walk is never easy, but you must continue, you are in the fire because that's how pure gold is made. You are precious to God. Continue in the faith and be of good courage. May His peace be with you.


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