Wednesday: Bearing Sin

Read Leviticus 6:25-26; 10:16–18. What crucial truth is revealed here?

By eating the offering at a holy place, the officiating priest would “bear away the guilt” of the offender. The meat of this offering was not just payment for the priests’ services (otherwise Moses would not have been so angry with Aaron’s sons for not eating of it), but it was a crucial part of the atonement.

How does the eating of the sacrifice contribute to the process of atonement? Eating was required only of those offerings in which blood did not enter the holy place; that is, the offerings of the leader and the commoner. The Bible explicitly said that by eating the sacrifice the priests would “bear away the guilt,” which would “make atonement” for the sinner. To carry the sinner’s guilt implies that the sinner now goes free.

In the Hebrew, Exodus 34:7 says that God “carries iniquity,” the same two Hebrew words used in Leviticus 10:16, where it’s clear that the act of the priest’s carrying the sin is what brings forgiveness to the sinner. Otherwise, without that transfer, the sinner would have to bear his own sin (Lev. 5:1), and that, of course, would lead to death (Rom. 6:23).

The priest’s work of bearing another’s sin is exactly what Christ did for us. He died in our place. We conclude, then, that the priestly work at the earthly sanctuary typifies Christ’s work for us, because He has taken upon Himself the guilt of our sins.

“The blessing comes because of pardon; pardon comes through faith that the sin, confessed and repented of, is borne by the great Sin-bearer. Thus from Christ cometh all our blessings. His death is an atoning sacrifice for our sins. He is the great medium through whom we receive the mercy and favor of God. He, then, is indeed the Originator, the Author, as well as the Finisher, of our faith.”—Ellen G. White, Manuscript Releases, vol. 9, p. 302.

Imagine standing before God in judgment. What would you lean on—your good works, your Sabbath keeping, all the nice things you had done and all the bad things you hadn’t done? Do you really think this would be enough to justify you before a holy and perfect God? If not, what’s your only hope in that judgment?



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  1. So when the sin is transferred from the sinner to Christ then the sinner is "free" to do what? Do it again? Then ask for forgiveness again for the next time he sins? Where does transformation take place or is that important and how does that happen?

  2. Larry you bring up a very good point. In Exodus 12 God tells the Hebrew families to take the lamb into their home on the 10th day of the month but not kill it until the 14th day. God wanted the families to become attached to their lambs so that when they sacrificed it their hearts would be broken. After all, God did not sacrifice a stranger. He sacrificed His own son! Many animal lovers question why God invented a sacrificial system where countless animals were slaughtered every day. Fact is it was not God's plan for countless animals to be slaughtered every day. It was God's plan that when the sinner crushed out the life of the innocent lamb that it would break the sinners heart so he would not repeat this sin again. Salvation comes from the word "salve" which is a healing balm. Salvation from sin means a healing from sin, not a continuing sin. Still God is so patient, loving and forgiving, forgiving us 70 times 7 and beyond. I appreciate the millions of times I have been forgiven, but I trust God will continue to heal me from my rebellion so I will not hurt Him anymore.

    • William,

      Your comment just about makes me cry.

      "God did not sacrifice a stranger. He sacrificed His own son!" From other parents, I have learned that there is no pain like losing a child. And God risked losing His son for enemies. That's a love I don't comprehend but look forward to understanding in eternity.

      "Salvation comes from the word "salve" which is a healing balm. Salvation from sin means a healing from sin, not a continuing sin. "

      You have reminded me about the meaning of salvation and it is so beautiful. Healing is what every human being needs but many will not seek it or accept the gift. God's healing is what turned my life around to get me going in the correct path.

      "I appreciate the millions of times I have been forgiven." So few people are able to be so honest. Every day I say I am sorry and/or please forgive me to my husband, who sees me daily. Many days, I am saying it to class attendees, co-workers or someone else. It's a good thing to face our sins, problems, faults and weaknesses now, rather than later. God will one day wipe our slate clean before we see Him. How wonderful and that will be a joyous day!

    • Thank you William, that was well said. Your answer has put my heart in a tail-spin almost to the point of tears. I thank God so much for forsaking His Son while He was on the cross instead of forsaking me. What a wonderful God!!

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    The Sinner is "free" meaning that he once again has a chance of eternal life, which is the ultimate goal. For some transformation may occur then, others not as we each have our individual struggles.

  4. [Edited for clarity.]

    We are in the time when the just shall live by faith, because Christ is in the sanctuary making atonement for the repentant ones those that repent and have forsaken their sins and have taken on the life of Christ . ( A life without sin) . He must be able to call our names before the Father.

    There is power in the word to keep us from falling. The same spoken word that created the worlds , that same word is available to us even now.

  5. Dear All.
    Our lives and worship are transformed forever when by grace we realize that while God owes us nothing but wrath, He has executed His wrath not on those who trust Christ but on Jesus Himself. We should be the most joyful of all people because of our great salvation. This joy does not deny the reality of our trials but is a deep abiding peace and knowledge that God has delivered us and will bring us into the fullness of His kingdom.

  6. Jesus is my only hope because He bore my sins for me and carried them away. I can stand before God because of His great love and because He took my guilt. I stand because Jesus stands beside me, and the Father loves me and accepts what Jesus has done.

  7. To forgive is a choice we make through a decision of our will,motivated by obedience to God and His command to forgive. Col 3:13.

  8. W. Earnhardt, so eloquently put! Yes, well said and eye-opening! Thank you Lord for the countless times you've forgiven me......thank you!

  9. ....understanding the transfer of sin by the priest eating the food, but the priest did this in formality and felt nothing as a result of the sins.

    Jesus bore the sinful weight on His shoulders. He bore the past, present, and Future sins of the world. He died of a broken heart.

    Kudos to the priest and their responsibilities, but they were going through the motions.

    I can appreciate my Lord more than that because He feels the pain of my sins. Every time we sin, we crucify our Saviour over and over again. Wow!

  10. I want to really thank God that today Jesus has taken His blood to most holy place in order to bear my sins. When I read again and again Lev.5:1, I ask myself if I could ever be free from the burden of sin? But when studying this lesson I truly appreciate what the Lord has done me.

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    Christ is our only hope....just as the Ethiopian can't change his colour so a sinner can't pardon his sins


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