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What Difference Does It Make? — 8 Comments

  1. Many times we make a mess of our lives but God is always there to clean up the mess we make, let's allow our maker to out the sins that is in our lives.

  2. That was a good lesson. We always hold on to our fears forgetting our God is always there for us. He is a forgiving God. Amen.

  3. Beautiful illustration. God chooses the best solution that will ensure that sin will never lift its ugly head again.

  4. Thank you Lillianne, for this beautiful post and for bringing out the importance of the cross. Some have the idea when we get to heaven we will just be made where we don't sin anymore, but that is where sin began! There will be no sin because of the cross, and as Ellen White said in your quote, what prevents sin in heaven can prevent sin here on earth.

  5. I cannot comprehend the marvellous love of the Cross. May we continue to seek Him diligently. Thank you for the encouraging post.


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