Anticipation — 8 Comments

  1. Streets of gold isn't greed if gold has no commercial value.
    Jesus has power and there is no need to finance saints power.
    Gold is about beauty and light transmission from the throne of God.
    (there is no sun in the city)

  2. Praise God! I cannot wait to experience life in the eternal presence of God! Thank you for this wonderful reminder of what our happily ever after will be.

  3. Thank you so much...I will sing for eternity, oh boy will i be singing heheeee I'll be singing for Jesus face to face...Happy Sabbath 🙂

  4. The world has become a play ground for sin just like the days of Sodom and Gomora and the days of Noah just as Jesus said.This earth needs to be recreated. I pray thee that we be faithful till we see HIm come with clouds to take us home.

  5. I may sound silly but this is really not trivia. I do not think it will be boring because boredom will not exits in the new world earth God is going to restore back to perfect. I do not believe Adam & Eve were bored in the first Eden before sin entered the world. Why will boredom come after the creator restores the earth back to its original form? Spend no time worrying about what we will be doing in the new earth. There is going to be plenty enjoyable things to do just as before.
    Just worry about connection with the savior who is going to get you there and the rest will take care of itself. Blessings

  6. Lillianne, I like your view of Heaven and the new earth, a place where all of our dreams become reality. Scientists will be able to research into questions that they can't even hope of exploring now and history, not only speaking to those involved in it but we will have the books to look into. And I don't think they will be anything like what we have, even in our advanced technology.

    We also like to think of just asking Jesus about everything but I suspect that in a lot of cases He will simply let us discover things. To me half the fun is in the discovery not just in getting the answers.

    I can see us exploring the entire universe and digging into the great questions of creation and the science of salvation. We may even be able to explore some of the questions concerning God on a physical level and not just concerning His character.

    What an anticipation to be involved in!!

  7. Thanks Lillianne! I am reminded too, that not only did God's people have a great disappointment in 1844, but also when Christ was crucified. It was not what the disciples were anticipating, but it was still His church and it is still His church today and the promises still stand for those who are anticipating His soon return.

  8. Hope i will read the earth's history to the very end. i wish i know why this greed of everything in this life?
    I wish i would not think of offending anyone at all. May the perfect will of God lead me there.amen.


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