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What’s Worse Than Persecution? — 6 Comments

  1. This is so true and well elaborated _ thank you for sharing. We need to wake up as a church lest we fall in the name of compromising to win souls .

  2. This is so true, and yet has so much potential for misunderstanding. For instance, the story about the Vegan girl shows the hypocrisy we can have. Yet, being Vegan is not a salvific issue and can only be given a Biblical underpinning by taking several text out of context. I would not be willing to call it "raising the standard". To the extent that the story illustrates less Godliness among the Adventist students than the public school students it is enlightening, and I appreciate that the girl did not consider herself better. But the path of error often lies close to the path of truth and those who do look down on others for not being vegan (or substitute any other lifestyle preference) are in fact the ones who are lowering the standard, because they are ignoring Christ's clear words in the first few verses of Matthew 7 about not judging.

    To come full circle to the main point. Compromise with sin is never right. But neither is judging or coercion. One of the most serious mistakes of the church in the dark ages, and one of the things Constantine encouraged was forcing the conscience of others. The facts are that most of the theological decisions Constantine required the church to settle were settled in what we believe to be the Biblically correct direction. However, they all had one heresy in common--they were forced on people.

    • Thanks Wilton. I totally agree with you. The problem was instead of just leaving the girl alone, like she was leaving them alone, they were judging her and coercing her to not be vegan. We should respect each other's standards and convictions.

  3. my local church faced the same challenge. when the light on vegetarianism first came. those who accept and practice began were called names. Today it's the reverse. those not practicing vegan are seen as unclean and sinners. may God help us

  4. While studying the different eras of the church, I was humbled by all the millions of martyrs during that dark period of persecution by the Catholic Church. I see that we are relatively free of any real persecution in our nation and it has created a lukewarm atmosphere among us. I believe you are correct, that we need persecution in order to have a pure and living faith. It forces us to stand up for what we believe in. May God ignite a passion in us for Christ.


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