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Why All Those Begats? — 6 Comments

  1. You may be saying by now, “Wait a minute William. Yes Jesus was born of Mary but He was also born of the Holy Spirit which gave Him a huge advantage.” Yes you are right, and Jesus tells us in John 3, that He wants us to have the same advantage!

    This is brilliant, William. A powerful perspective to employ when talking with someone about Jesus of Nazareth's human nature. He gave up everything (Phil. 2:5-8) so He would have the authority to offer us the same deal He had! How can we say anything but, "Yes!"

  2. William you have explained much of the Bible and done it very well. One quick question regarding a reference verse in Eph 2:4-6.
    It says we are dead in our trespasses. But we are made alive. How do you explain \"alive\"? Really not symbolic. I am sure there are a wealth of verses to use but some do not get to the heart of what that verse means.

    • I think the complete revelation of Jeffery Carl has the answer that I ask William. Eph2:4-6 It has to fit pretty well I think.

  3. Thank you William. I'm always overwhelmed by the thought that The One Who created all heavens and earth would come down to my level just to rescue me. I have never seen heaven oh but when I read the bible and it tells me of its glory (even my imagination can never reach the real sight) I'm humbled that Christ would leave all that and come down here and face all that humiliation just to save me!
    How horrible and ungrateful it must be when I ignore His voice and give in to my own selfish desires.The story of Jesus is the greatest ever told. God himself manifested in fresh to reconcile us back to Him and to show Us what God can do and what we should do in tune with Him. Christ put all His strength in God the Father that's why He defeated sin! What an example! All my strength in Christ and then sin has nothing on me; what a joy is to walk with the Lord Jesus Christ. He is Love!

    • Jesus made the Father His Strength, and we make Jesus our Strength. Yes, this is a part of what we must do. We must also make Jesus our Righteousness. Jesus was not only the descendant of some very sinful people. He was also the divine Son of God. As such (and as a Man, the Second Adam), He was inherently righteous, whereas we are inherently sinful.

      In other words, yes, Jesus is our Example, but He must also be our personal Saviour from sin.

  4. Like you, William, I had the same attitude to the "Begots" as a youth, especially when trying to "follow the bible year" as we used to call it then. I just could not get through all those "begots" so, usually, I skipped over them quickly to the part where Jesus came in. If some of our leaders had taken the time to teach and explain the relevance of the listings to us children, we probably would have had a better understanding and appreciation of the relevance of this information in the whole outworking of the plan of salvation, ordained from the foundation of the world.

    I hope our young people now, are better off for the fact that this is currently the subject of our study. It really amazes me that God so long ago, before we can reckon time periods, set in place the perfect plan, details and all, to save us and all others sinners, from Adam and Eve to today; and the plan still works, both for those who lived before the Messiah and all who would be born after His sojourn on earth.

    We have every reason to be secure in our faith, when we see how everything that was foretold in the scriptures about Christ's first advent, was verily fulfilled to the 'T', as they say. The genealogy of Jesus was no exception. It happened just the way God said it would-He came from the seed of David.

    Our reassurance, therefore, is that what God has said about the future WILL come to pass and Jesus will come again as He promised before ascending in the presence of His disciples.


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