The Adventist church was born as a movement – a mission movement. When much of the church lost this sense of mission, it became Laodicea. But there were always bright lights who dedicated themselves to the mission movement. Below you will find a list of books – some downloadable in Kindle format, others only in paperback, and some available in limited quantities – that will allow you to enter into the mission spirit of the Adventist movement. We trust that it will inspire some of our readers to join this last push of this movement before Jesus comes. If you cannot go yourself, please consider supporting those who do go. You can scroll through our Mission Resources page to find places to volunteer or to support others who dedicate their time to missions.

You can click on the covers to browse the books, just like you would do in a store. This will take you to the Amazon store, where you will find more descriptions and, sometimes, even excerpts. You can safely click on “Buy at Amazon,” because that only goes to the page that allows you to buy. (Note, we receive a small advertising fee when you buy anything at Amazon after clicking through one of our links. This helps us cover costs for this site, so we can offer it to you for free access.)

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If you didn’t read Eric B Hare’s Clever Queen growing up,  you’ve missed and Adventist cultural phenomenon and must really indulge yourself by reading it now. A favorite in our family and with primary students. Now available in Kindle and paperback reprint.


Curse-Proof is another Eric B Hare story available in limited quantities. Paperback only. Get yours while they last.


The author of Best Ever Mission Stories was editor of the Inside Stories in the Sabbath School lesson for many years. Here is a collection of her stories of “Kids in Action Around the World” – modern mission stories to inspire young and old.

Relive the excitement of introducing the Adventist message to the people of the high Andes in South America with Orley and Lillian Ford in Mission in the Clouds. Kindle and paperback format.


Story of Leonard Barnard, the first Adventist mission pilot. See report of his death at 95 in the Adventist Review. Available only in paperback. Limited quantities.


Broken Stick tells stories about the  power of God in the lives of all those who choose to follow Him because somebody loved them enough to tell them. Head-hunting devil priests included. Kindle format.

Demonstration of what faith in God can do. The seeds planted by Dr Miller long ago are still bringing in a harvest in China. Paperback. (Not right cover)

About an ox who wouldn’t work on Sabbath and other unbelievable stories, mainly from Russia. Kindle and paperback formats.

Generations of children have loved Eric B Hare’s Dr Rabbit stories, from his experience with the Karens of Burma. Some of them are hair-raising, but all demonstrate that God is more  powerful than demons. Fortunately still available in paperback and hardback.




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