Paul’s Epistles

Letter to the Galatians

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The Adult Bible Study Guide for the fourth quarter of 2011 and the third quarter of 2017 was focused on The Gospel in Galatians, by Carl P. Cosaert. Same study guide, different cover. You may download the full lesson 2017 quarterly from Amazon in Kindle format (Canadian Link, UK Link) (If you don’t have a Kindle, download the reader for the PC, or the FREE app for mobile devices.)

Really delving into God’s Word is always new and interesting. But if you will avail yourself of the historical and experiential insight of George Knight in Gospels in Conflict, I guarantee you will not be bored and will learn a thing or two. I (Inge Anderson) just bought the book myself and am looking forward to interacting with the keen mind of George Knight. I invite you to do the same. You can read the book on whatever device you are using to read this. I enjoy keeping books on my smart phone, because that way I can use spare minutes to good advantage. Enjoy!

Ellen White Notes on The Gospel In Galatian, by Pacific Press. (Amazon Canada link | Amazon Great Britain link. Quotations specifically chosen to accompany the Adult Bible Study Guide on The Gospel in Galatians.

You may want to compare Carl Cosaert’s Galatians: A Fiery Response to a Struggling Church with George Knight’s Gospels in Conflict. Cosaert’s book is currently bargain-priced at

For any studies of the apostolic church, Ellen G. White’s classic, Acts of the Apostles provides valuable context as well as specific insight. 

Unlikely Leaders - modern-language version of Acts of the Apostles.

Modern-language version of Acts of the Apostles

If you have previously read the original Acts of the Apostles you may enjoy the freshness of the modern language version, Unlikely Leaders. And if English is not your first language, you will definitely find this less challenging, because it uses modern vocabulary. It is a somewhat shortened version, due to some of the Bible references being left out. If you want lots of Bible texts to corroborate what Ellen White wrote, be sure to get the original version of Acts of the Apostles. And remember that the best version of any good book is the version you’ll actually read and enjoy. 



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  1. I am currently reading Carl Coseart's book. OK, I have only seriously read the first 5 pages and have done a quick scan of the rest of the book. I like what I see and should be able to provide a more detailed review in a couple of weeks time.


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