Monday: Throne Room

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Read Psalms 47:6–9; 93:1-2; 103:19. What do these texts teach us about God and His throne? Several visions of the heavenly throne occur in the Bible. Most depict a kind of heavenly assembly, with God as King. Interestingly enough, most of them are concerned with human affairs, usually presenting God as acting for or speaking in behalf of … [Click to read more …]

2013 Q4: The Sanctuary

Pictures of Salvation by Martin Pröbstle Introduction Current Daily Lessons Online All Daily “The Sanctuary” posts   Companion Book, Where God and I Meet (Click on cover to go to Amazon for hard copy, and here for Kindle Edition.) Video Resources for The Sanctuary Lessons Lesson Introductions by Lesson Author Martin Pröbstle on Lesson Introductions on Youtube … [Click to read more …]


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I received a tortured call one evening. “Horrible things are happening, my life is coming unraveled,” the caller said, spilling out a litany of disasters that tangled financial loss, physical illness, family estrangement, and psychological despair. “Your addiction is catching up with you,” I said. The dialog between the two of us had been protracted, … [Click to read more …]