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  1. Marx, Nietzsche, and Darwin are soft targets for Seventh-day Adventists. We dismiss them because of their anti-God stereotypes and claim some sort of moral high ground over their philosophies. It is however useful to do a "101 Development of Nineteenth-Century Philosophy Course" to understand not just what these men were saying, but rather how they came to develop their ideas.

    In a nutshell, these ideas were developed during the period when the wheels fell off institutional religion. God was portrayed as authoritarian for the purposes of control. Religion was linked largely with national interests. In many respects, these men were reacting against a false picture of God that had institutional and political support.

    A full study of this development is beyond the scope of these lessons, but it is worth remembering that the symptom is only a reflection of the cause.

  2. The book of Revelation chapters 10 and 11 reveals quite a bit of information from an inspired source as to what was going on in the years just prior to, including and following 1844.

    In chapter 11 of Revelation we have the rise of the atheistic movement, throwing off the perceived restraints of God and the Bible.
    See Rev.11:3, Rev.11:7-11

    We understand the two witnesses are the old and new testament. The Bible was suppressed during the 1260 years (42 prophetic months) 538-1798, when the papal church held control of the religious worship of the European nations.

    When this time period was coming to an end, a "beast from the bottomless pit" manifests itself, (Rev.11:7) whose aim is to rid the world of the Bible and God, of priests and kings, and promote worship of only human reason.
    For an inspired commentary on this read Great Controversy pages 268-269, 273, 285-286. Or read the whole chapter. Indeed it was a reaction against established religion and its wrong picture of God, which reached its most horrific result in the country that earlier had engaged in fierce persecution against people who upheld the Bible instead of complying with the recognized church.

    Remember this whole thing relates to the battle that was started by the fallen angel (the dragon) in heaven (Rev. 12:7-9) whose whole aim was to release angels and now human beings of the restraints of God's law. (Rev.12:17)
    People are the prize being fought over.
    God is also working to draw people to Himself, to give them life and light and to show them His law is the true way to liberty and equality.

    So in Revelation chapters 10 and 11 we see the rise of two movements.

    Revelation ten is about God working to establish the people who will give the three angel's message.
    They take the "opened book" (Rev. 10:8) and start studying the prophecies of Daniel and Revelation. They find the 2300 day prophecy,(Daniel 8:14) but misunderstand what the cleansing of the sanctuary means, and believe it means Jesus would come.
    (Rev. 10:9-10) How sweet the message tasted, but the disappointment was very bitter.
    They were given more light and told they had a mission to share the message of prophecy again. (Rev. 10:11) Thus the three angels' message was to go out to the world.

    Both sides had their message.
    1844 was indeed a decisive time in history.

    One side has the message -- Worship and give glory to Him that Created everything. (Rev. 14:7)
    The other side has the message -- There was no creation, it's evolution, God, if He exists at all, isn't that particular, His law isn't binding, human reason and wisdom is master.

    We are the prize and the stakes are extremely high as to which side we are on, and who we chose to serve. There is no middle ground.

  3. The practices of Christian hypocrisy and superstition have been the most effective agents for conversion of millions to atheism and materialism. To these fatal idolatries, the Way, the Truth and the Life is the only antidote.

  4. Darwin’s ideas are a direct counterfeit to the call to relive the Sabbath of Creation. Darwin took true evidence of small evolutionary changes and made giant leaps of logic that evolution can jump across species.

    All dog breeds can interbreed with each other because, regardless how they now look, they are simply all dogs. Similarly all camelids can interbreed -- i.e. an alpaca and a camel are genetically similar enough to interbreed.

    Similarly, humans from different parts of the globe look different but are all humans. We don’t know why Chinese look different from Europeans or Africans, but presumably it's got to do with how people selected for mates, and likely goes back to when God selected people by language at the Tower of Babel.

    One of the great things about Adventists is how we respect the Bible account of Creation and recognize God’s awesome work. We were made by God, not by chance. Then Jesus came to save us by joining us in our pitiful state to die for our sins.


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