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  1. Hi Brothers and Sisters:
    Obviously the big purpose of Evangelism and Witnessing is to uplift Jesus Christ. However, or whichever works for you, with God's Grace, do it, and leave the rest to Him, with unceasing prayers and communing with Him. But, I beg you , always keep the individuals very close to you, a priority, such as your families, your corner of friends, because they will be the future citizens of this world. Accept them where they are, with gentleness and compassionate heart. Lead them to your side, then they will feel and see the Love of God in you. If they do not trust you, in the first place, how do you expect them to follow your ways? You can try to convince people until you're blue in the face, if they are not confident in you, you're just wasting your time. Allow God, at all times, to be your Leader. He is the Wonderful Judge and Saviour, you are only a tool! You are not God, thank you, Lord. "He who begun a Good work, will complete it until Jesus comes." Hallelujah!


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