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  1. I enjoyed this thought provoking lesson. Especially when it asks the question, "Where did the matter come from". I will be back here again right after the Sabbath ends tomorrow for further study.

  2. The mistry of creation simply tells us our imagination and understanding is far below what is needed to comprehend what God is, How great is He. For us to come to terms with the understanding of the divine nature of God, we only need faith and the heavenly intervention to discern the divine things. God is God, our Redeemer, our Saviour and above all He is our Creator

  3. God’s plan may not be known by Angels before being published, why God published and executed his plan while he was seeing the death which was to come?
    What is the main cause of human sufferings? Is the execution of the creation plan? Or is the choice of man?
    From the execution of the plan some people will be lost and others rescued. What would be lost if God’s plan has been stopped and changed?
    God will stop the sin forever when Jesus will come. Why didn’t God do this before making the world to suffer? Do not say that it is to show His righteousness to angels because Angels would not know what that God has done. This should remain the secret of God as He has other many secrets.

  4. Just to say thanks for all you do. I have been using your note to assist in the preparation of the Sabbath school lesson for many years.

    Your brother in CHRIST Royce

  5. The identification of Jesus as the Creator is an important aid in evaluating claims about the creation. The Jesus Who created is the same Jesus Who walked among humans, relieving their suffering, comforting their sorrows, and healing their diseases through the power of His word. His example powerfully agrees with the biblical teaching of a good initial creation, without violence or suffering or death. These principles falsify any theory that claims that humans developed over long ages of time, regardless of what claims are made about God's involvement in such a process. It is inconceivable that Jesus would come in the flesh to condemn the kind of behavior that He Himself used in creating. No version of evolution can be reconciled with the life and teachings of Jesus, nor can such theories be reconciled with any responsible reading of Genesis.


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