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An Accidental Life — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you for putting these things into perspective. I really feel sorry for my colleagues (other science teachers) who swear by evolution and have sworn allegiance to atheism.

    • It is difficult to watch people we know and care about take stands for something that leads to such a hopeless existence. I think sometimes though they are just believing what they've been led to believe and have never really thought it out completely.
      Thank you for reading and commenting.

  2. I don't know if the theory of evolution has led to school shootings and all abortions, if any. My reason for this is that lack of reverence for the value of life at any stage of development is a sin problem that can affect even the most highly educated Bible scholars. Who led their nation to condemn and execute Jesus, stone Stephen and persecute God's faithful servants? The theory of evolution was unknown, and they were the leaders of the chosen nation of God, who "observed" and taught His law with great emphasis. The Inquisition was the instrument of people who claimed to be defending the truth in the name of God. Again, evolution had not yet come to their knowledge. There is no evidence that Cain considered the monkey as his distant ancestor but was actually very "religious", bringing to God his best offering, just before he revealed anger and hatred, taking his brother's life. Before Darwin's thoughts were shared, many had looked to the gathering of wealth and possessions to define their worth, while professing to be followers of the meek and lowly Jesus. Also, all the abortions I am personally acquainted with were by those raised SDA, attended SDA schools or at least believed in God. The first being to try and lift themselves by disparaging others was raised in a perfect environment, had no doubts of his origin and held the highest position given to a creature. Pride alone was the root of what has turned into the greatest moral degenerate.

    My thought is that those who choose to accept this theory are looking for an out from the conviction that would guide them forward if followed. It's similar to choosing a flavor of religion that best suits the carnal heart and stifles conviction by presenting a god that allows one more freedom to do their own thing. The theory of evolution works to tear down faith in God in those who look for a reason to deny faith, which the account of creation helps to strengthen.

    We have been told that "God will arouse His people; if other means fail, heresies will come in among them, which will sift them, separating the chaff from the wheat." This threat to the foundation of truth must be expected in this hour. Delay has marked our existence as a people and God is more desirous of ending sin that we are apparently. Those wanting to know the truth so they can obey will not be misled if they follow all the light they know. Others will fall away from one reason or another, and this is just another reason to foster doubt. False theories are not the problem, unbelief in the truth is.

  3. Yesterday I was surfing through the websites on ID and creationism that I periodically get interested in and came across this article on the relationship between evolution and suicide. Of course it isn't based on research but I do think there is a causal relationship.

    Just click on the address to access the website http://creation.com/evolution-and-suicide

  4. God's mercy and forgivenss are great. At one time, I was an unwed mother. When my son was about 25 years old, my mother said, "You don't know what that did to me"!

    "To you", I said, "Did you think I wanted to have a child without a father"?

    My mother was always about image and at one time we lived in a place that was all about image.

    Because of my mother's attitudes, my sister had at least two abortions.

    We didn't have a happy, caring home. There wasn't communication. My parents argued and fought most of the time.
    My parents were Catholic. They didn't talk about the facts of life, how us children were special, or anything. So we made huge mistakes.

    Thank God, He is rich in mercy and forgiveness.

    • Jane, your issue is touching. A lot of people have gone through your experience. Some have come out in one piece, some with scars of life and yet some have failed to pass through. As you have said, God is love and this is repeated over and over in lifes' lessons.
      God bless you

  5. Thank for what you have written, it makes so much sense, and gives us value, and worth. I want all my children and grandchildren to read these comments. God bless you forever.

  6. Creation and science has not enough proof, fairly. Pls. See Heb. 11:3. I am like
    Nicodemus asking Jesus what heaven looks like. Only though Mat. 17:1-13
    Elijah and Moses Had gone to heaven with Jesus. Still my faith remains the word
    Of God John 1:1-18 Pls. correct me if any mistake or question.


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