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  1. I think the problem with making resolutions is that we’re liable to go about it in the wrong way. We may resolve to be better in order to get something, or out of fear.

    Resolutions per se can be good. “When you set your will resolutely to break off [an] indulgence, you will have the help you need from God,” we read in Counsels on Diet and Foods. If God honors resolutions against bad habits, surely He honors resolutions to form good ones as well.

  2. I agree, Eric. There's a place for the human will. In fact, "everything depends upon the right action of the will," to access the power of God. We can overstress it or understress it. To me, it's like a gift we tend to leave unopened.

  3. All of us realize something is missing; hence our search for the meaning of life. Only God radically and completely fills that void. I am so grateful that my Savior came to me, and loves me! Not only that, but improves my heart until I can be with Him face to face! His grace is astonishing to me.

  4. Good question Quinnie,I think the word would be "cooperation." We need to submit to God's efforts and cooperate with Him, when He leads and empowers by going along and not resisting. When the angel told Mary the Holy Spirit would conceive a child in her, God did not need her effort, just her cooperation.

    I love this post by Jennifer. This may be why David asked God to cleanse Him and give Him a pure heart, in Psalms 51 rather than making promises to do better next time. David needed a divine interruption.

  5. Quinnie I think not. But I would say it this way: "God can't save us without our permission." "Work out your own salvation with fear and trembling because it is God who works in you both to will and to do of His good pleasure." Our effort is really His power allowed into our hearts.

  6. I am grateful for God creating us with His "own tender touch" and "God is still touching people with something called grace". We need to be able to feel that touch. It is that touch that transforms us and enpowers us. So many people have an armor that is touch proof. May God help us all to be able to feel His touch.
    Thanks Jen and I am glad to see your post!


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