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03: Enduring Temptation – Thought Starters — 8 Comments

  1. Do you believe that Satan and his evil angels created sin to distract us from our work of eliminating evil?

    Joyce, this question really boggles my mind.
    Create sin? Is sin something that exists on its own?

    Our work of eliminating evil????
    I thought that was God's work?

    What is the difference between sin and evil?

    Joyce, please explain the context of this question.

    • Shirley, Joyce's weekly posts are designed to give teachers questions to jump start their classes. She is not making a statement of her beliefs but is presenting suggested questions that sometimes are by contrast.

      • Hi Tyler, Thank you, I understand, I would like to know the background to this question, are there people who think like that?
        There must be a reason why this question was posed.

      • Thank you, Tyler, for the clarification. I am relatively new to Sabbath School Net, even though I've been Adventist for quite some time. I haven't been to Sabbath School in ages, but this quarterly---I've never been so excited to read one! I'm seeing that after all these years, I'm still on "milk", when I should have moved on to "meat". I am thankful to you, as well as the other regular posters, who take to time to bring understanding to others. May God bless us all as we continue to grow in the knowledge and understanding of His Word!

    • God did not create sin either. Where ever there is something God created there is always a counterfeit. Where there is good there is evil.
      He is the reason behind the mix up. He is the reason behind the struggle. He made sin come to life. It already existed.

  2. While I understand the intent of the thought questions I think it would be prudent to ask questions that do not lead down a questionable trail.
    Genesis 3 is the first mention of the serpent and something very negative. The serpent is the one who tempts. Perhaps I might ask at what point did satan realize how much power did he and his angels realize they had in influencing the mind and thus creating confusion.
    When the confusion begins the focus is then taken off of God's Power.

  3. Sin is the transgression of God's law. Satan did something new…. he broke God's law. He created a new situation. Why wouldn't we say that Satan created sin then? Instead of peace and love and harmony and happiness in heaven, he created discord, strife, hate, and unhappiness. But where sin abounded, God's love much more abounds!


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