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03: A Matter of Life and Death – Hit the Mark — 3 Comments

  1. We thank you for the prepared Sabbath School Lesson that we read everyday. You are one of the God's chosen people who really want to spread the gospel of our Almighty through this way. We look forward that you always have a lesson that we can really understand of what God has really inculcate us. Thank you. God Bless.

  2. The root word from which the word "Torah" is derived means to take aim as with an arrow. The 10 commandments give us the target. The rest of Torah (God's Word) helps us aim at the target--a life with HIM. As Psalm 119 says, it is a light for your path.

  3. Curtis, the story of Jesus sleeping through a raging storm brought a thought to mind. How could Jesus be so unconcerned? It could be that His trust in the Father was so complete that no danger was so great as to lose sleep over it. Plus the plan of salvation required that He pay the price of His life on the cross for our salvation.


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