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03: Thessalonica in Paul’s Day – Teaching Plan — 5 Comments

  1. I thank you very match for always providing me with this study guide but I request you to keep the spirit. May the lord bless you.

  2. There is something that we miss in the world of knowing and imparting. It is the lack of biblical knowledge. We are afraid of its size/volume and so have failed to read it everyday. That inadequacy makes us powerless in the delivery of the righful message. My prayer is that the Church wakes up and begins to read, understand prayerfully and spread the Good News it was done during the Pauline times.

  3. This topic has really confused me.

    Paul was not preaching in church but rather in streets. So please I need your help. You mean we must also preach in the streets not in the church?

    • Yes and no. Yes in that we need to bring the message to those on the streets but we must also remember that there are persons who visit Adventist churches who also need to hear the word of God. It all depends on the method we use to bring our messages across so that people will understand.

  4. I want to share my opnion on the methods of Paul. Maybe we should call it Pauline Homiletics. My thinking with Paul preaching in the streets is that we should where opportunities arise. That is what we do with the presentation of our worldly theses (dissertations). We present them to our fellow PhD holders (though in halls, etc). they need to accept our positions and then we are made part of their 'philosophies'.

    I see in ACTS 17 and 18 that this is what happened with Paul. They may have seemed to not accept him but, watch out: God's message will never leave one unchanged. There is that power instilled/infused in listeners that is accepted now or after. There is no two ways about it.

    Let us therefore study the Pauline homiletics and find appropriate ways of propagating it into our preaching. God succeeded through Paul and there is no where God will fail through us if we only do what Paul did to win/find God's favour.


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