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  1. The problem I come accross in my church is, when I try to share and encourage fellow bretheren, I am met with hostility, and looked at as one who knows it all, as well as showing off. I struggle to know
    how we can say we are the people of the light, Christ says let your light shine and so shine before men (Mat 5:15-16).

  2. Thank You so much Joyce for your Question format on this lesson! I am planning on using some of them in the class discussion tommorrow!

  3. These stories and questions have helped me greatly. My question is how can I avoid people who just come to church to make life difficult for those of us who are trying to serve God. I cannot malice them but cannot have a good relationship either, because they are always quarrelsome. I know I have to love them but how?

  4. We can not at this point in time focus on those around us who are not doing and being as our Lord requires. We have to endeavor to glorify Christ with our lives. It is not at all about us, its all about Him.


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