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04: Joyous and Thankful – Teaching Plan — 3 Comments

  1. I always thought people only became thankful during birthdays. I have however changed my mind and have begun thinking that it is still in God's will to thank him when death strikes. How will people know I am thankful and joyous amidst such volcanic times? My life will be led by the fruits of the Holy Spirit. I will know how to handle such rowdy times. Rejoice and give thanks always.

  2. its not always so easy to thank God amidst your bad moments but it does really feel good when u do it. I have tried it. what keeps me going is, i always imagine i could have been in a worse situation. so i thank God for giving me the current situation and for saving me from a much worse one.

  3. I thank the Lord giving me a wonderful family. What keeps me going is that even Jesus Christ the one who never sined but people say bad things on Him, crucify Him and lied on Him, still He died for me. I want to grow in His glory so that when He comes for second time I will be part of His beautiful kingdom, Amen.


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