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  1. The planning of the church activities should be the responsibility of the local personal ministry council which comprise of all department heads, elders and the pastor. The church members must be involved in that they should be given a questioneer to fill in/suggest the activies they would like to see taking place in thier church.

    This results in the majority of the members feeling that they are part of the church planning activities. The success or failure of church activities depend on whether the church board plan with or for the congregation. The church board must recommend to the members whatever activity has been agreed upon in the church board.

    Each department is to come up with a quarterly plan to the council which has to be reviewed monthly. Goals will be achieved if all departments and the rest of the members work together in harmony.

    • The planning of the local council is good, but these plans should be iedally treated as a proposal for the local congregation to accept, modify, or reject in a meeting of the whole church, because it's only when people feel "ownership" of plans that they will feel responsible.

  2. I like the business part of church, It takes means or mammon to run a business. Or should we say Money, to be religously correct. But at the center of it all is Love. And we know how far Love goes with out Money. Never the less, let's put our love and money together for Jesus, to spread the corporate good news. Because it is Jesus Church.


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