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08: Equipping For Evangelism & Witnessing – Teaching Plan — 3 Comments

  1. It is true that we need to tell people about Jesus, about his love and his promises. Many people today are just following false preachers that they do call themselves prophets (man of God). And I really wonder which God these prophets follow because they do not follow or teach their people about God's commandments and alot of people are wasting their wealth on these prophets that could have been used for missionary work or give to those who are really poor, so there is a need to teach people about these prophets.

    • In our daily life we choose one of two masters, simple as that. We either follow our Lord Jesus Christ along His path to eternal life or we follow satan along in his path of destruction. We cannot follow two paths. By our fruits we will know which path is followed.

  2. We should follow our Lord Jesus Christ along his path to eternal life and I really want to learn more about Him such that I am able to work His work and spread His good news to someboby outside there. All I need is spiritual ecouragement and backup--- with thankgivings to GOD for HIS provision, I realy love this program I am Augandan and living in Asia.


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