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  1. Hi Curtis,

    I agree with Sam that's the kind of church I would love to be in, so I look to myself how do I need to change to make that true. On the other hand if we all took "self" out of the picture that would also solve most problems.

  2. How do we resolve our duties as a Christian that conflict with our duties as a manager in business?

    Doesn’t keep score of the sins of others,
    Puts up with anything,
    Always looks for the best,

    I am in so much trouble at work because I delegated a simple straight forward job to a subordinate and trusted her to do it honestly. It has now been discovered that figures were manipulated to her advantage (accidentally or deliberately, I don't know). So must my motto in business be "trust no one" but as a Christian "always look for the best"?

    • Trust no one seems to be a safe answer. But I wonder if Jesus ever looks at us that way when we mess up or what if Jesus adopted that attitude towards us? If somehow we become aware that Jesus doesn't trust us, can we ever believe that He could really love us? On the other hand what kind of Christians would we turn out to be if we have learned not to trust anyone? Is Christianity even possible were we to adopt that attitude??

  3. It is not often that we can learn a lesson from the pugilistic sports but it would do us well to hear what John Chambers wrote in the 1860s and published as the Queensberry Rules. The key element of these rules being:

    "You must not fight simply to win; no holds barred is not the way; you must win by the rules".

    We cannot avoid differences of opinion and interpretation, even in within the church. But the way that we approach the conflict, and dare I say, live with the conflict if it is not resolved, is extremely important. God has been very patient with us and we must learn to be patient with one another.

    In many cases of church conflict, winning is much less important than healing. I am very aware of past church conflicts where the wounds are deep and the healing is slow. We need to make that a matter of prayer.

  4. In response to some of the ways we can lie without using words:
    when we live a life of false pretense...pretending to be what we're not, or hiding behind a mask to cover our deeds.

  5. i also think if we are to take a "What Would Jesus Do" (WWJD) stance on all matters that cross our life's path we would be better people .... actually this way all self would be killed and Christ would be in us.

  6. in conclusion what we say with our lips has a long way to go. our tongue has the power to save and kill. secondly understanding people before saying anything to them matters alot. but in all allowing God to teach us what to say the only way out. I pray the lord help us in Jesus name. Amen

  7. How do I deal with a church member who took money from a fellow member to deliver goods but has not done it three years now?do I forgive and forget?,is taking legal action being just to them? Kindly advice


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