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  1. I am so glad for having come across this exciting website. I hope it will be of great blessing in my spiritual life as well as for others.

  2. It seems the path to heaven now is, give up pork, give up meat, and give up milk and cheese, and the final step give up all animal products. Now we have worked ourselves to a point where we are ready for translation. Another way that an observer may look at it is: vegans look down on vegetarians, vegetarians look down on clean meat eaters and they in turn look down on people who eat “unclean” foods. If this is the case then I guess you would be offering them a plank to fellowship provided they can follow all of the rules that also come with veganism. If not I guess that we can always make them walk the plank they came in on.
    Maybe the question that really needs to be asked is will veganism save you? Or maybe we are truly saved by Christ who is our Righteousness, and people will move into healthy life choices when they are prompted by the Holy Spirit. Until then keep inferring non vegans are what is wrong with the church and are ruining the environment.

  3. Oh, my, William! I haven't seen anyone claim that giving up foods that are bad for us is "the path to heaven" instead of Christ our righteousness -- least of all Joyce!!

    The question I'd like to ask you is how did you get that idea?

    If we love our neighbors as ourselves, we will share the Good News of Christ's salvation with them -- and that includes the good news that He not only wants us to be holy, but He also wants us to be healthy and happy. And the latter two go together for most people. (Debilitating diseases don't contribute much to happiness.) When we approach the subject that way, people are usually very eager to learn about healthy lifestyle choices.

    The desire to do God's will in our lifestyle choices is a natural result of accepting Christ's righteousness in our behalf.

    Our own church recently held a cooking school for which enrollees had to pay. (The fee helped pay for the vegan meals that were served.) We had excellent attendance, and the folks were extremely grateful, asking when the next cooking school would be held. (Just one example of how our health message can be the "right arm of the message.")

    In my experience, people in the world are very often more receptive to the health message than long-time Adventists, such as second and third-generation Adventists. What a tragedy that those who have the gift of healthy lifestyle choices within their background appreciate the gift the least!


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