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09: The Bible and History – Teaching Plan — 3 Comments

  1. Do we really have prophets today or can these prophets be of benefit to neighbours only just because other people are not aware of him.

    • Consider Jonah! Besides Ellen White had quite a bit of influence outside of the church and certainly with her neighbors around her.

  2. God used to talk and walk with people one on one Abraham, Moses, Noah. As sin increased God used prophets to interpret visions and dreams eg Daniel as more sin increased God distanced Himself because people killed His prophets tortured them until Jesus came down on earth and showed us the Father and said of what shall happen after his death.

    Back to my answer; JOHN the writer of revalation I think was the last prophet. He writes about what was to happen to the end times. Well finally the issue of prophets is to God if he chooses to have one what can you do to stop him.


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