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2015 Second Quarter’s Study Contents


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This Quarter’s Study Contents

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1 The Coming of Jesus • March
28 – April 3
Lesson References Mobile Verson
2 Baptism and the Temptations
April 4 – 10
Lesson References Mobile Verson
3 Who Is Jesus Christ?
April 11 – 17
Lesson References Mobile Verson
4 The Call to Discipleship
April 18 – 24
Lesson References Mobile Verson
5 Christ as the Lord of the Sabbath • April 25 – May 1 Lesson References Mobile Verson
6 Women in the Ministry of Jesus • May 2 – 8 Lesson References Mobile Verson
7 Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and Prayer • May 9 – 15 Lesson References Mobile Verson
8 The Mission of Jesus
May 16 – 22
Lesson References Mobile Verson
9 Jesus, the Master Teacher
May 23 – 29
Lesson References Mobile Verson
10 Following Jesus in Everyday Life • May 30 – June 5 Lesson References Mobile Verson
11 The Kingdom of God
June 6 – 12
Lesson References Mobile Verson
12 Jesus in Jerusalem
June 13 – 19
Lesson References Mobile Verson
13 Crucified and Risen
June 20 – 26
Lesson References Mobile Verson

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2015 Q2: The Book of Luke — 11 Comments

  1. The book of Luke contains the only record of the 'woman who had a spirit of infirmity...'. This is found in Luke 13:10-17. NKJV-states for eighteen years she was bent over and could not in no way raise herself up.

    I love the fact Jesus, doing his wonderful work of teaching 'sees her...said to her "you are loosed"'. And then he 'laid his hands on her' and 'immediately she was made straight'. The 'Free dictionary' defines 'Straight' as:

    1. Extending continuously in the same direction without curving: e.g. a straight line.

    2. Having no waves or bends: e.g. straight hair.

    The text almost implies, she was in a circular condition, if there's such a thing. Some of us may be able to relate to this woman's position in a real way. Can you imagine, not being able to 'raise yourself up' in any way. In our society there are many people like this. It could be: an outlook, e.g. our thinking could of caused us to lack clarity to make necessary changes and alter our could literally be a physical malady or spiritual entrapment of some kind.

    Our wonderful Lord can see us, no matter where we are: speak to the source of our condition and say 'we are loosed', place his healing, delivering, life-transforming hands on us; and we can be made straight.

    Hold on to our Lord who is 'The Way, The Truth and The Life'. He can see where we are, on all levels of our: being, living etc. when no one else can.

    • Thank you for your comment, Grace. 🙂
      I believe that the woman suffered from extreme curvature of the spine, causing her bent-over condition. That said, your object lesson is on point.

      We invite you to leave more comments under the appropriate postings in our Daily lessons. That's where most of the conversation takes place.

  2. Luke is one of my favourite gospel writers because he brings the best news clear and near to us sinners. one thing that surprise me is that Luke was a doctor but he knew history so much. this brings a point that whatever degree you have done in life can help you to understand Jesus more if you become a wide reader. it only needs the Holy spirit , because Luke being a distance disciple and being a doctor he had excuses that l HV so much to read but he sacrificed for us to attain rigjteousness thru Jesus Christ .

  3. God is an individual of plans that's why Luke is very relevant.We as the partakers of Jesus' characters,we need to be committed and dedicated to this ministry of truth proclamation.I hereby take this ample privilege to beseech my fellow brethren to work past their limits on the proclamation of the truth we about God and Jesus ......We humans have backslided so much then must we just be there and relax not recalling that we were once made the fishers of men.God want us to be revived and reformed so that our ways be remended so that what we do would portray our true colours and more more more people would wish to fellowship with us.We have known what Jesus is and learned on how He encountered the temptations He faced.So we are beckoned to be strong and faithful no matter what situation we are being put to, we have been counted successors.Please brethren I beseech for your sincerest prayers to be strong in maintaining this faith as we wait for the Jesus' second advent.Jesus is there for us in everything..

  4. I like Doctor Luke very much for having used his opportunity inline with God's design. I have a reason for this:
    God designed that man's intellectual powers should be held as a gift from his maker and should be employed in the service of truth and righteousness...But when pride and ambition are cherished, their intelligence can accomplish great harm than their ignorance!
    NB: Let the so called "Educated people" choose to be consecrated channels of gospel! MAY GOD BLESS YOU SITE FOLLOWERS!

  5. I love this topic for this quarter, Dr Luke's background is such an inspiration to us, Seventh-day Adventist, from outside Israel. We praise God for him. Iam learning alot from him.

  6. Yes, Luke has taught us many things and we really appreciate and we have the spiritual meaning of all that he has told us. But all of has who are educated, we can be of an example as that of Luke who knew himself as a sinner but still hold firmly of the works of Christ and reach out to more and help even the illiterate one if only we put away SELF and put God first. Let us hold firmly to the word and go through the same book again and again and many more

  7. Dr. Luke is an example of how God heals. Not as what some have suggested that if God heals, we should not go to hospital; It is the same God who heals, that He has given various types ofknowledge on healing.We should embrace health message more than ever before.

  8. Some feel that as Christians we will not get sick, or have need of doctors. I believe that when Adam/Eve sinned they started the downfall of the human race and sickness and disease play a big part. Because of God's great love for his children, he provided means for us to get help when we get sick, and that includes (among other things such as healthy diets, exercise, etc) getting help from doctors and yes, going to the hospital if necessary. I am thankful that our loving Heavenly Father did not leave us alone to get sick and die. Death is a part of life, but If we confess our sins and by the grace of God, try to stop sinning, though we die, we will live again. Sin is the real killer here, not sickness or disease. I am thankful for doctors and hospitals.


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