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  1. Dear Dr Fowler:

    I was very happy to read and study this week's sabbath school lesson,
    especially the informative history of mark, luke and mathew. I am very happy to tell you I am a student of spicer college. It is very nice to read the lesson you wrote

    Thank you very much.

    Sincerely yours
    mrs. Paulose Varghese

  2. Hello, Author. Grace Of Our Lord Jesus Christ Be With You. The Book Of Luke Seems To Contain So Many Essential Lessons For The Contemporary Church Especially Stories Of The Prodigal Son,the Samaritan,the Great Gulf Fixed E.t.c. Hope We, The Church Shall Be Uplifted Higher Through This Quarter's Lesson. Stay Blessed, Mturi Kishoko- Arusha Tanzania{mount Meru Univesity}.

  3. I love the introductory part of this quarter' lessons. God bless you Dr Fowler for coming up with such insipirong Lessons. I am a Sabbath School Supretendant at My Church and am looking forward to great time in Bible Study Guide Lessons.

  4. The title says "The Book of Luke: Introduction"

    After reading and absorbing what the "intro" is to me... I put myself as if Luke is writing the "letter" to me directly! It is so refreshing. I do believe that God is talking to me right now by "The Book of Luke." I am so grateful for the message.

    As we go on living each day, believing that Jesus has died to save us. What can we do as Christians (as part of the SDA Family) to ensure that we have the right to inherit the Kingdom of Heaven? How can we prepare ourselves before He comes? How can you be sure that your name is written in the book of Life?

    I was baptized early in life - and all my family members were converted. Now, only few of us remains in the SDA Family. My Dad died believing. I know someday, keeping my faith - under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, I will see him again!

    The parable of the "Prodigal Son" (Luke 15:11-32). I often wonder if my Dad still alive today, would he be waiting for everyone of us coming back home from being away so long? Or is it too late now, and how late could it be?

    Thankgoodness for Luke! He wrote these letters not only to the Greeks & Gentiles but also to me and my siblings (for all of us who believed)!

  5. An introduction of the lesson seem so interesting and educative. Looking forward to learning more from the book of Luke. Time to know and live by scripture is now.Our salvation is nearer than we first believed.

  6. Greetings All

    The book of Luke is one of my favourite biographical views of Christ as featured in the gospels. Being 'fearfully and wonderfully made' you may share some of my joy in hearing an excerpt from Luke in Patio Jamaica. It's entitled Jamaican Bible. Our God can reach all types of people. He's the author of diversity.


    I enjoy how our Lord can make us so diverse yet so connected as shown in the book of Ephesians.

    Be Blessed

  7. Well indeed this lesson will be a great opportunity to see what God wants us to be. To know his son, Jesus Christ. I want to find the link to Dr. John Fowler where he talks about the lesson. Can someone help me please? May God bless you.


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