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Lesson ReferencesThe References (formerly called “Helps”) include all related Scripture and most Ellen White quotations.

Lesson References Mobile
1 The Call of Wisdom • December 27 – January 2 Lesson References Mobile Verson
2 From Ears to Feet • January 3 – 9 Lesson References Mobile Verson
3 A Matter of Life and Death • Jan 10 – 16 Lesson References Mobile Verson
4 Divine Wisdom • Jan 17 – 23 Lesson References Mobile Verson
5 The Blessings of Righteousness • Jan 24 – 31 Lesson References Mobile Verson
6 What You Get Is Not What You See • Feb 1-7 Lesson References Mobile Verson
7 Dealing With Fights • Feb 7 – Feb 19 Lesson References Mobile Verson
8 Words of Wisdom • Feb 14 – Feb 20 Lesson References Mobile Verson
9 Words of Truth • Feb 21 – Feb 27 Lesson References Mobile Verson
10 Behind the Mask • Feb 28 – Mar 6 Lesson References Mobile Verson
11 Living by Faith • March 7 – 19 Lesson References Mobile Verson
12 The Humility of the Wise • Mar 14-20 Lesson References Mobile Verson
13 Women and Wine • March 21-27 Lesson References Mobile Verson

Extra Resources for Studying the Book of Proverbs (available through Amazon)

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Ellen White notes on the lesson


In-depth study of Proverbs by Arthur Bietz


By Kevin Leman, internationally known psychologist and New York Times best-selling author.


Ellen White Comments in Vol 3 of SDA Bible Commentary, which includes Proverbs.

John Wesley's commentary and explanatory notes on Proverbs.

John Wesley’s commentary and explanatory notes on Proverbs.

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See the lessons for April – June 2015 on The Book of Luke.



2015 Q1: Proverbs – Words of the Wise — 23 Comments

  1. I am happy to study sabbath school because I get amazing knowledge of god will. And also I was grow up via studying sabbath school. Different people, different languish but one faith one doctrine via study sabbath school this worship is from God. It is amazing. I love sabbath school. God bless for your ministry. Tedros beraki from Israel tel aviv SDA church Hebrew

    • Hi Tedros Beraki of Tel Aviv Israel, I want to know how big is your congregation and are there a lot of Sabbath Keepers in Israel today? Does the whole nation of Israel keep the 7th day Sabbath as taught in Scriptures? It's good to read that you enjoy the study of the lesson. I too love to study and read the Word of Life-The Word of Yehovah!

  2. The morals that i portray in my life came from learning various lessons in Sabbath-school. That's why i love Sabbath-school teachings. God bless you for the extra effort you use to publish Sabbath-school resources. Mwanza Matthews from Chililabombwe Zambia.

  3. I love Sabbath School discussions because it gives us opportunity to discuss spiritual practical lessons with fellow members.SS lessons are always timely and inspirational we are always prepared for discussions. Thank you for providing such an inspiration. God bless the SS team.

    Thomas Teine (PNG)

  4. lesson study is inspirational. thanks for the really uplifts my spirit and paves way for me to understand the bible. God bless you all. Joseph Nchore-Kenya

  5. Sabbath school lessons are really inspirational. This is because they give a special opportunity for Bible Study.

  6. Thank God for inspiring his men towards making possible the completion of the errand "go and make disciples"

  7. How marvelous it is to find myself in sda church today!! I was quietly behind concerning the words of God when i was still in new apostolic church together with my mother. please i love u very much for publishing such kind of lessons leading demos (people) to our potter.May God continue blessing you and wishing u a productive new year. By DAVID MAIMBOLWA NJAMBA, UNIVERSITY OF BAROTSELAND, MONGU, ZAMBIA.

  8. By the help and the mercy of GOD, HE has enabled me to memorize for this time being 111 (one hundred and eleven) memory verses of the Sabbath School since the lesson year 2013-now 2015 ( a year = 52 memory verses, 52+52+7 ), so amazing and delightful if we are willing to set aside our time to study and memorize the word of GOD. Warm Regards from me to my fellow Sabbath School Student, Sandy from Indonesia.

  9. How wonderfully you are, thank you for your mercy. Thank you Lord with your words that i still with you. From Makassar (South Celebes) Indonesia

  10. Inge, you have done a great job in building great resources in; and obviously thinking of ways to improve the process.

    is a great move. I do not have time to use some of your varied resources, but the feedback in this blog is great affirmation of their use; and they are available for persons like me, at the times we have opportunity. THANK YOU.

    Not only do I, and others, say GOD BLESS; but I and others ought to provide some support for you ministry, whether directly or through Amazon Services LLC, as indicated below.

  11. I thank you do much for amazing sabbath lessons we always have. Every week. Am a catholic but I have two f closest friends of mine who are Adventist and they always share with me lessons from the sabbath school.
    It is my hope that one day I should be one of your members because I have leant the bible truth.
    One of the things which I have come across is the issue of t christmass. To my knowledge which ihavel learnt from my friends. Is that christmass is pagan and why have you also started practing this pagan belielf. Please stic to the word of truth .never follow paganism Because Jesus Christ is coming soon. Never sale the church to the devil.
    Every good example which I have seen is christmass song which your church has done at the general conference. Together with the president Ted wison ,please I pray that you should stick to the love of God not love of the pagans

    • Hi Pamela,

      We are glad that you are enjoying our Bible lessons.

      Please realize that the Seventh-day Adventist Church does not observe Christmas as a religious festival.

      However, most of us recognize the secular Christmas holiday season as a good time to remember the birth of Jesus Christ which reveals to us the love of God. That is not a "pagan" practice. We need not focus on Satan and paganism when we remember the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Focusing on Satan and paganism would be selling out to the devil, and we do not wish to do that.

      To put things in perspective, we need to remember that the meaning of symbols change over time. Nearly all things have been part of paganism some time in the past. Every day of the week is named for a pagan God. But that's not what we think of today. We only recognize the names of the week as specifying a certain day of the week, and that is fine. The same is true for the Christmas season. Even though there was at one time a pagan festival close to the same time (but not on the same date) as Christmas is celebrated now, that's not what comes to mind today when people think of Christmas. Most people think of this as a family holiday - a time to get together with loved ones, and that's not a bad thing at all. Additionally, this is a time of year that even secular people are more generous and open to think about the birth of our Savior, and that is surely a very good thing.

      Please do not let past pagan history distract you from focusing on Jesus Christ not only during the Christmas season but also on every other day of the year - even though these days are named after heathen deities.

      [Note to our readers: Please do not take this as an invitation to submit arguments that Christmas is a heathen festival. Such comments will not be published.]

  12. To all Yehovah's Servants who have enabled me to access these great & wonderful resources online, Thank you for your time to have the resources online. Apart from my Bible your resources are at my fingertips to access to help me with the study of the Word of God. I really love the song the Sabbath School on Hope sings! I'd love to teach it to our children @ school! A great song! Thank You and God's abundant blessings to you all.

  13. I thank almighty lord because am in line with the true worshipers, i was a true sunday keeper but now the lord has shown mercy on me, as of now i want to be an seventh~day adventist pastor... Lets work hand in hand to finish the work of God,,
    Revelation 22:12.


    • Yes!Let's all work together to complete God's commission.Amen.Sabbath school studies& discussions inspires more and it is a blessing.

  14. I love sabbath school studies because it thus teach us more deeper truth essential for our journey in faith,And I thank God He used someone like you to published such lessons crucial for the salvation of our soul.I am a sabbath keeper from wich I got understood in the bible that the seventh Day is for the Lord and He is looking for the true worshiper in spirit and truth so I'd left my former church which did not follow the truth written in the bible,and now i like to read and study even daily using this tools of lesson.thank you

    • Richard, the whole quarter's lessons are not available in one PDF file. However, if you need the whole quarter's lessons in electronic format, they are available in the much more convenient Kindle format at I believe you can download this from most places in the world and read it on any phone, tablet or computer. If you cannot download it from where you are, please tell us and let us know your location.

  15. I currently study in China. Its Amazing how the Chinese congregation is growing. With the help of some pastors like Pastor John Ash III, The Chinese Pastors, and some African pastors. I love sabbath school, it draws me closer to God. God is amazing.
    Bekoe, Ghana.

  16. The book of proverbs has brought a clear perspective of what I am supposed to be and become a better person not just God fearing but living daily in harmony with my neighbors and serving them but above
    all to follow the Christ like example of meekness,humlity and defending the poor.


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