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  1. Hi Corinne - it must be wonderful to be involved in the 'Praise and Worship' part of the ministry to God! When I read the title 'Singing with Inspiration', I thought in my mind to also read 'Singing IS Inspiration'! The Holy Spirit is using this time of closeness with the Father to express Himself and rejoyce with us in His Spirit. Thank you for your involvement to help bring hearts closer to our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ!

    Thoughts about personalized Praise came to me quite some time ago when I started to make up my own songs and melody directing them to my Heavenly Father at the moment of 'inspiration'/need.
    When the Spirit prompts my heart to come to the Father in Song, then it is when I feel the most joy, peace and closeness with Him - expressing my thoughts in melody directly to Him!
    During church service, most of our songs are ABOUT God and His Goodness, but do not address Him directly to worship Him for His marvelous Goodness and Grace.

    I want to encourage you to find all the songs addressed directly to Him and make them the first choice during Song service time or any time. When singing from the Hymnbook, I personalize the songs 'about' God to using words addressing Him directly. You might want to consider re-writing these and give them to the congregation to sing them in this new format; you might be surprised to find how easy this is.

    My vision is to make Praise and Worship the main focus of our communal Sabbath Worship time. Psalm 33

    • Hi Brigitte
      Thank you for you positive thoughts. I do love the point that 'Singing IS Inspiration'.

      It was interesting in the lesson study a few weeks ago that learning scripture by singing it, helps one to remember the words much more efficiently. There is no doubt that singing will be in Heaven, and it is something impossible to even think how beautiful it will be. I can't wait.

      There are many songs that come to mind when preparing 'Singing with Inspiration' but our SDA Hymnal doesn't have some of them, sadly. I love that the SDA Hymnal has a website and one can type in a word, and all the hymns with that word are then displayed. It can be helpful when sitting here singing and trying to put ones finger on the exact hymn.

      Blessings to you in your music writing and singing to our Lord. Can't wait to meet you in Heaven and sing in that glorious choir there with you, to sing our praises to our amazing God.

      • How nice to receive your reply, Corinne! Just a quick note to clarify my comments about 'making up my own songs'. These are words set to simple melodies to express them ain form of praise at the moment they come to mind; the melodies form as the Spirit leads the singing, affirming my trust in His Love! It usually happens when the Spirit moves my heart about something that the mind wrestles with.

        It is a form of prayer, turning my thoughts of doubt and stress into singing praises of gratitude. I found this to sooth my heart and mind. Pretty soon, clouds lift and the Son shines again freely to lift my spirit.
        May God always bless you and your ministry of Songs of Worship!


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