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12: A Message Worth Sharing – Teaching Plan — 4 Comments

  1. Estaba intrigado por la imagen de los patos con referencia a la lección de la semana. Alguna explicación de su parte por favor.

    • Google Translation: He was intrigued by the image of the ducks in reference to the week's lesson. Any explanation on your part, please.

      The day I published the two study posts I had been out photographing birds and noticed these two ducks sitting on a log in the middle of the river, seemingly in deep conversation with one another. The idea that came to mind when I came to choosing the graphic was that we should probably think a lot more about having conversations with our friends to provide opportunities to share our faith. Hope the idea fits.

        • Translation: Thanks, I think it's great, I understand it more clearly now. A happy Sabbath, I follow you from Peru.

          You are welcome. I always try to put a little challenge in the graphics I create.


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