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  1. When Paul wrote in Gal 5:4 as "fallen away from grace" he is describing the difference between our human error of believing what we did (sin)somehow is more powerful than His love. Which means, we often put emphasis on what God said (commandments/law) over what Jesus did (the cross). Or, when we (believers) put more emphasis on being good and the importance of obedience, over Christ's ability to save, we have fallen from grace. A necessary distinction: the keeping of His commandments is an identity of our belief, trust, & obedience, as a point of reference aligned with His character for the world! Falling in sin, is like falling Forward - as we strive to be more like Jesus, we may stumble and fall, but when we ask for earnest forgiveness, Christ's grace is sufficient to count us as righteous in the sight of God. We need not start all over, but consider Falling Forward as we grow. Of course, as we continue to strive we become more like Him the more we behold Him (by beholding...recall the saying). Self-righteousness becomes a sin-problem when we commit acts against the character of God, because of our pride and selfishness to do as we so chose, despite knowing the difference. We can fall, and still not fall from grace - but know that His love is greater than what we did; then live according to His love as a believer! Greater still, do so in humility and live according to His character. Righteousness is then accredited to us.


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