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12: Death and Resurrection – Hit the Mark — 3 Comments

  1. so in this lesson does it mean that hell means the grave.l thought hell will be when Jesus comes the third time in the New Jerusalem and fire and brimstone will rain from heaven and cleanse the earth.l thought that is hell firew

    • Hi mkululi. You are correct. Hell is the fire that will result in eternal death. Death on this earth is only a sleep from which all will awake, some to eternal life, others to eternal death (Daniel 12:2; Matthew 25:46).

      Happy Sabbath.

  2. I am filled with Joy having to re-read the story of Lazarus. Death and its sting has not power over us anymore! Jesus has died and risen and we believe that when we die in the Lord we will one day be woken by His loud shout - i cant wait to see my loved ones again.
    Lord, i pray that i keep believing in Your Word until the day you return. I want to meet you and i want to meet my loved ones who have died in you.
    Lets all be comforted ... rest a while those who have gone before us ... we will surely meet again - OUR GREATEST HOPE IN JESUS. Amen


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