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12: Healing Broken Relationships – Thought Starters — 2 Comments

  1. I am greatly blessed by today's discussion. Without forgiveness, none stands a chance to inherit the Kingdom of God. It is a core element that not only strengthens our relationship with God, but also makes us worthy of his promise. May the Holy Spirit convict our hearts to the extent that we will appreciate that forgiveness is a virtue

  2. I'm glad to see Matthew 18 discussed here with respect to our interpersonal relationships with other church members. So many people, including church leaders use this text to justify pointing out and "dealing with" sin in other people's lives. I really believe this is a misapplication of the text. "Sin against" me is not the same as someone living in sin, therefore the instruction given here does not apply to restoring the "erring one". See Galatians 6 instead.


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