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  1. As I reread Matthew 18:15-18, I realised something that has been an oversight to many; "...if he refuses, let him be as the publican and a heathen man..."
    Christ did not instruct us to seperate them but rather be more close to them them. Remember allegations against him,"...this man eats with sinners;and publicans.." and as he urges us to"...learn of me; for I am meek and lowly in heart..." Matthew 11:29.
    We must not forget that he longs to sup with us(sinners) at the table once we hear his knock and open~ Revelation 3:20.

    • If some choose to act like a "publican and a heathen", but we choose to act like Christ, then there will be an unavoidable clash. Yes, we should try to win them back, but "can two walk together unless they are agreed?" Amos 3:3

      If we try to "be more close to them" and in the process compromise our closeness to Christ in any way, then we lose our power to draw them closer to Christ. Here lies danger. "Conformity to worldly customs converts the church to the world; it never converts the world to Christ. Familiarity with sin will inevitably cause it to appear less repulsive. He who chooses to associate with the servants of Satan will soon cease to fear their master. (The Great Controversy, page 509)

      May God help us to both love our neighbor and love God supremely.


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