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  1. Thank you, Joyce, for these thought-provoking questions!

    The first one that really struck me was this: "The lesson guide notes that “our thoughts will ultimately dictate our behavior.” Do we believe that? If we do, shouldn’t we be spending more time training our deep inward thoughts rather than focusing on the behavior of others?"

    What a change would come about in our churches if we spent more time training our minds to think like Jesus, rather than focusing on the behavior of others!

    • [Moderator's note: Please use full name.]

      I solely believe there would be no such politics in our church nowadays if we all looked at what brought us to this church...... To preach gospel to the entire universe of which that will help us and free us from the devil as we all know that AN IDLING MIND IS THE DEVIL'S PLAY GROUND. our minds are idling on our televisions and movies which has turned us into being violent.

      • Please sir, I am a 20 year old young adult. i admire your observation regarding how we should reflect on our decision for faith. I feel strongly that our society may have produced several violent tv shows, games, or of the like, however, by today's standards a mere mockery of the brutality of old. The wise ancestors believed in appeasing God by stoning those thought to be sinful, however it was not until the New Age was ushered in by Kies Jesus Christ, that we became aware of the ridiculous nature of such practices. My point being you give power unwarranted to the devil with such thought of him having even the slightest authority, Jesus freed us from the devil all in need doing is acceptance of fact


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