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13: God’s Mission Completed – Thought Starters — 3 Comments

  1. There is a God space and nature shout it everyday. Therefore, the bible is true and it says that God has already won. The bible says that we don't need to be anxious He cares for the sparrows and He will care for us. We need to have faith and patience (I know how hard that can be)and wait on the Lord to see what He has prepared for us that we cannot imagine or dream of. If I don't see you in this life, we will meet in heaven. May the Lord bless you.

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    I am constantly thanking God for His word. It teaches us about what He has done,is doing, and will be doing! He is our only hope in this empty, heartless world. These lessons have been a great blessing & I can see the Holy Spirit's guidance throughout. The only way we can be lost is to turn away from the light. Let us pray that we will always be as the wise virgins-----Prepared & fortified by the Holy Spirit! God bless us all as we study and share His truth! Toni

  3. It is Finished. One of the best 3 words in the Bible. He will come conquering and to conquer. Jesus who's name is above every other name. Kings of Kings and Lords of Lords. Satan it is over for you.


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