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13: I Make All Things New – Discussion Starters — 3 Comments

  1. A blessing indeed to our final lesson. I was reading the millennium only to start singing a song about the new heaven and earth,, only to see the topic entails the next day of the lesson. I felt good. Why did John fail to see the seas in the new home of the redeemed?

    • Hi Enoch:

      John didn't actually "fail to see" the seas. The text states there was "no more sea." There are several possibilities as to why the vast waters we know of today are not longer in the new creation. The sea (in this case the Mediterranean sea in in view here) was a source of storms, a corridor of transportation of enemy forces, it provided great distances between peoples (John being surrounded by vast distance and depths of the sea), and it symbolizes incredible and unfathomable depths. Thus, the source of these fears is gone, signifying a place of enduring and unending peace. The great waters in Revelation has been the symbols of deception, unrest, war, disturbances leading to bad outcomes. All such are ended in the New Heavens and New Earth with there will be no more pain, suffering, dying as tears are dried in every eye. Hope this helps.

  2. The "sea" in the sanctuary set up was the basin for washing, in the new earth we no longer need the burnt altar nor to be washed to be cleansed from sin because there will be no more sin.

    In Rev 17:15 the many waters were the people who were fighting against God's people and there won't be any who are against God in the new earth


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