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13: Keeping the Church Faithful – Thought Starters — 2 Comments

  1. It is the serious progressive study of the present truth message that keeps the church faithful (including the complete submission to the Holy Spirit's guidance).
    A saying: "when the family prays together, it stays together". When we accept the same message then we can closely prayerfully study together...in the LORD.
    The LORD JESUS is coming soon, and we are to be ready.
    1 Peter 4:17 " Judgment must begin in the house of God,......"
    The call is to the Church, us, and we are to respond to His call seriously and endeavoringly.-----Olive.

  2. I love to work. Not only at my 40-60 hour/week job, but for my church and more recently for the community at large. Most recently, our church, without any desire for recognition or recompense in any way, conducted a health screening at a community fest among many other organizations. One of the community residents pointed us out as the organization that seemed most interested in the residents and now wants to work with us to impact the larger community. As Christian Seventh-day Adventists, we must consider the motive for our work because it does show through. Are we truly interested, as Paul seemed to be, about the personal lives as well as their salvation, or about reward, recognition, recompense, etc.? It seems to me, that the 'why' we work is just as or more important than the what we do for the Lord. It spills over even into our employment. If we work there to save for retirement vs. unselfishly provide for God's work, our attitude and bank statement will reflect our motives accordingly. Our primary purpose will determine our attitude and action. Jesus' primary purpose is and has always been our salvation because of His love. Look at the impact of the cross on the entire world, only made possible by a clear, unwavering vision of a saved world and the willingness to execute the mission via the role only He could perform. Let's be clear about the vision of a saved world and just perform the role God has placed us to do now and forget about the money. . .or the time. . .or the effort. Let's just get the job done - always lovingly placing the soul for Christ above ourselves. Then we won't sit around too often 'philosophizing' the gospel like some of the Thessalonians idly did, but living it so others will be drawn to Christ through our example of sacrifice, quality of work and genuine Christ-like love and concern for them personally. . .spiritually. May God bless us all with the courage to be in His will to help save mankind -- always -- even if we must 'work' for their sake while we 'preach'.


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