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13: Turning Hearts in the End Time – Discussion Starters — 1 Comment

  1. This weeks lesson has been a powerful study, speaking to our hearts individually, challenging our experience in living a life connected with our God of love and reaching out to others.

    One thought that came to me as I contemplated the theme of "turning the hearts of fathers to the children and children to the fathers"...
    Did God see the huge generation gaps that would be in place in the last days, and worded the message in such a way that we recognize this as a serious danger to spirituality and unity? The generation gaps are huge in society.
    But what about church?
    We have segregated the different generations. The young children have their classes (and this is good for they need simple instruction) but then we continue to segregate the teens, the youth, the young adults, and the older generation into separate categories --

    I was just reading in the "Messenger" the value and benefits of multi-grade classrooms in education. Won't the same principles be of value in spiritual learning when the different age groups study and learn together in church and in the home? Won't that be part of "turning the hearts of the young to elderly, and the elderly to the young" uniting them in the love and commitment to God?

    I realize the reason given for this segregation is that different groups have different needs and different interests, but won't it be of value for the different age groups to share and seek the Lord's will together?
    Would seeking to bridge the generation gaps and remove the segregation mentality be a means of turning the hearts of the elderly members to the younger, and the hearts of younger members to the elderly?


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