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Tuesday: Turning Hearts at the Altar — 2 Comments

  1. The story of Elijah on Mount Carmel is considered by some as a climax in the life of Elijah. After all, God had demonstrated his power publically to the consternation of the Baal worshipers. The drought was broken and the rains had come. Yet we know that in the aftermath Elijah, threatened by Jezebel, ran off into the desert alone in what could be described as a state of depression. As I mentioned yesterday, it took at least six weeks and a bit of quiet time with God for him to recover.

    Have you ever been to a big stirring Church event where the singing was beautifully touching, the preaching powerful, and the experience uplifting, only to feel totally flat a few days later, when we find that we still live in a world full of the evidences of sin? That is human nature. The kids still fight and tease one another, the fellow-worker that you don't get on with is on your case, once again, and its raining when you want to mow the lawn! That is when you need the still small voice of the Holy Spirit, reminding you to reconnect with family, friends, and community of believers.

  2. Even with an unimaginably extraordinarily presentation and the power of God at work, Elijah still fled from Jezebel! Yes sometimes we are that low and yes humanly acting we loose faith! My prayer is that we never run away from God instead! That would be instead disaster just like Adam and Eve hid from God!


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