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  1. Thank you, Curtis, for passing along your "Aha! moment" for our consideration. I'll use it in Sabbath School this week.

    This reminds me of a study that I did a while back for the FAST program, to enable me to form my own personal mission statement. What it led to was this, "My Mission - to know God, following Jesus example and reflecting His character, so as to help others do the same and, ultimately, to see Him." Yes, focus is essential if we are to reach the goal.

  2. This is very inspiring! I must also say that the topic of this week's lesson made me to lose interest, but I now feel it was well worth it.

  3. Hello, first time reader. This was a wonderful post. Thank you for letting the Holy Spirit use you in this. It was definitely timely for me. God bless, and have a blessed Sabbath!

  4. Thank God for your great wisdom, comments here help me on Sabbath discussions a lot, may God bless you all, I wish u can post hoppess tv in mp4 or audio,downloadable for some of us who can't access YouTube, But anyway,Thanks, and may God bless You all.

    • actually i feel greatly inspired by this weeks reading.May God bless you so much.My youthful behavious have been changed.Please always put me in your prayers for more change.God bless you!

  5. Curtis, you did a wonderful job in rescuing Proverbs 31 from the erroneous negative connotation of "women and wine", by giving excellent "focus" to the "mother's wisdom to her son": Stay focused on your mission. Proverbs is not about warnings against drunkenness, nor Solomon's experienced conclusion to be watchful of deceitful women. He covered those topics earlier.

    May I suggest that Proverbs 31 is an epic manifesto to the truly "virtuous" woman: profoundly modeled in a virtuous mother's focused counsel to her son. The conclusion of the wise man's counsel on knowledge, understanding and wisdom is a virtuous mother's counsel. Signature truth.
    1. Stay focused. Allow no distraction that may cause you to "forget the law, and pervert the justice of all the afflicted"
    2. (Do not use) but serve wine to dull the pain of the dying; and to temporarily relieve the depression and helplessness of the bitter - "let him drink and forget his poverty".
    3. Be an advocate/mouth for the "speechless" and the one "appointed to die"
    4. Be an advocate/mouth that 'judge righteously, and plead the cause of the poor and needy'.
    5. Be skilled in identifying the traits and skills of a virtuous woman; giving her credit and appreciation, and rewarding her wisdom and good works with praise and assigning her responsibility based on her integrity, wisdom and performance, and not on her gender, viz. assigned to the responsibility of judge in the gates:
    "30 A woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. 31 Give her of the fruit of her hands, And let her own works praise her in the gates."

    Keep up the good work.

  6. Thanks everyone for your kind comments. The class I led yesterday went extremely well. Along with the example of Samson as someone who lost focus, we also looked at Daniel's episode of being cast into the lions den. We looked not only at his focus but how the king perceived him and his relationship with God.
    We closed with talking about those of us who may have lost focus over time and how God looks at that. We used the example of the prodigal son and how his father, even knowing how his son wasted his living, still embraced him and restored him. That's the kind of love and compassion our God has for us.
    Thanks again and see you later as we examine my favorite gospel writer, Luke.


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