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  1. What can we do to help people suffering from financial hardship?

    Each local church nweds to consiciously aet aside monies to address the needs of the bretheren. This should be done systematically and in ordwr to ensure thay enough monies is there to meet the needs. In addition to the setting aside of monies, the local church should establish a financial education plan that involves investing and a proper understanding of wealth acquisition as it relates to soul and health prosperity according to the bible. Along with these necessities for building a spiritual and social community as Christ intended, cbueches who have children attending Adventist Chrisrian Educational institutions especially at primary and secondary level, should provide half of the school fees for each child while encouraging parents to maintain proper financial stewardship. The effects of such christian benevolence would be far reaching as new converts coming into the church would be able to see that the church cares for more than their souls and is actually a community or society that looks put for and cares for its own, just as Christ intended it to be. When such principles are establised in God's remnant church, faith and works would have finally been establised as they should, bringing forth practical Christianity, and building up the faith of its members.


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