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  1. I want to end this week of study on a different note (excuse the pun). The psalms were always meant to be sung and there is a long history of Psalmody. Even today some protestant churches use only the Psalms for their musical worship. (That would probably avoid some of the arguments we have about music in our worship.) Some folk have tried to reconstruct how the Hebrews would have sung the Psalms but there is not a lot of agreement on their interpretation. It's a pity that audio recording developed so late in human history. We can be sure of one thing: a psalm sung to the accompaniment of sackbuts and ram's horns is going to sound very different to a modern song service with guitars, drums, and keyboards. (Well maybe.)

    I am going to link to a reconstruction of Psalm 19 here. I don't think it is definitive, a lot of people disagree with her interpretation, but at least it is an attempt to understand the musical component of early psalm singing.

  2. Thank you Maurice for sharing this beautiful melody of Psalms 19.

    It's a relaxing meditational and reading the Psalms whilst listening to it just resonates in your heart, soul and mind.

    Blessed Sabbath when it arrive.

    God bless. Lorraine

  3. In references to worship, Instead of incorporating "worldy" standards into the Seventh-day Adventist church like praise dancing that exposes women's legs in a manner which is against the Biblical standards of how a woman dresses, we Should utilize the Psalms in a way that pleases God in HolinessS expressed by humility! We as a church has adopted many ways which are unbiblical into our Adventist churches!

  4. If you sing the old praise songs (by that I mean the ones from the 70s and 80s) you will find that many of the psalms are reflected in the lyrics. So we don't necessarily have to write new songs to sing the psalms. The hymns are great for depth but the newer songs are often more worshipful in their simplicity. We need both.

    I have never seen praise dancing that exposes womens' legs but I seem to remember David being criticized for dancing before the Ark. Also Psalm 150 talks about lots of noisy instruments and dancing. So maybe we should reserve our criticism. God knows who is truly worshipping.

    • Of course God does know those who are Truly worshipping Him!! So,"if" it is within the guidelines of Godliness and Holiness, according to God's stamdards thru (Ellen G White) God's Messenger, as well as God's Word which says "They that worship him must worship him in Spirit and in Truth! Not utilizing or adopting any of the Pagan styles that have been passed on through worldly traditions! Jesus spoke about false traditions and practices in these last days and how we need to be aware of satans moves for he seeks to kill, steal and destroy and he doesn't care how to manipulate the masses as long as he (satan) sweeps them under his umbrella! Do not be deceived are the words of Jesus! Watch and pray for your adversary the devil seeks to destroy as a roaring lion!

      • Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. James 1:27 NIV

        Sometimes we are so concerned about the purity bit that we forget the practical application of getting our hands dirty by caring for those in need. Instead of preaching the pagan origins of Christmas this last year, our local churches donated and packed 100s of food hampers to be distributed by local welfare agencies.


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